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2.0 Movie Review

After a long wait, Film 2.0 is released today. This is the best and unbelievable film of Bollywood ever. Such a movie has not been made in Indian cinema till date. 2.0 is a based on Indian science fiction. This is India’s first film in which 4D sound technology has been used.  In this film, the VFX of the International Standard has been used. Special effects have been used in the film.

According to sources, the total cost of this movie is more than 500 crores. Due to such a budget, this movie has become the most expensive movie of Indian cinema. Now let’s talk about star cast and director of the movie. Film 2.0 is directed by Shankar. And Its author is Shankar and Jaymohan.  Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson are in the lead role in this film. A. R. Rahman has given music in the film.

Movie story :-

Story:- 2. 0 The main story of the film is that a physiologist takes suicides so that he can take revenge from humans, because the radiation of mobile phones is harming the birds. There is only one chitti’s upgraded version ‘2.0’ between the Ornithologist and humans on earth. The story of the film begins, that an old man jumps from mobile phone towers and gives life. After this, Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) and his Assistant nila (Amy Jackson) appear in the film. Nila is a robot but she looks like a human. In the city, all the people’s mobile phones start flying.  Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) is called to investigate about it. After this, there are big birds made of mobile phones in the city and attacking the city. Akshay Kumar is shown after the interval. After that, there is fight between Rajinikanth and Akshay. You might be wondering what happened next? If I tell the whole story, then what will you see in the theater?

Why should you watch this movie?

Review :-

According to me, such a movie has not been made in Indian cinema yet. Because in our Indian film industry, films based on love stories and history are much more. Film 2.0 is neither Rajinikanth’s film nor Akshay Kumar’s film. If there is a film then director Shankar’s. Shankar Sir has worked closely on the film. Every single shot, every single frame, every single laugh, is made in the film by the director and only in the film is his impression. We should be proud of them as our director in India also can make a Hollywood collision film.  The role of Akshay Kumar has been very tremendous. Although he is in the role of villain, but his act of acting remains in the industry. Film visuals will definitely look attractive to you, and you will feel that you are watching a Hollywood movie. There is no doubt about Rajinikanth’s acting. He looks very amazing. Amy Jackson has done her character well. The background music of this film is amazing. When you watch the movie, you will feel that you have lost in that movie. Akshay’s film also has a line in Tamil, which he utter very badly. Altogether, this film is very entertaining and your eyes will not flick at all. And This film gives humans a very strong message for birds.

Public Reaction outside the theater :-

After watching the movie, the public has given positive reaction. They have said that the movie is very good. Background music is very much like everyone in the film. Some people have said that we could not even imagine that such a film will be made in our Bollywood too. Some people believe that this film will break the record of Bahubali and Thugs of Hindustan. the public has given the film a total of 5 stars. Some people liked the movie so much they said – I do not have the word for the film. According to the public, this film ist to break all records of Bollywood films.

After watching the film, Rajinikanth’s daughter soundarya also tweeted :- 2.0 IS OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!!!!!!!

you see the public reaction yourself. I have also posted public reaction videos for you.


  2nd video:-



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