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Amit Bhadana’s Net Worth

Amit Bhadana is a famous Indian YouTuber. And he has millions of fans. Often, people are keen to learn about the lifestyle, family, and net worth of their favorite artist. I wrote this post about the net worth of Amit Bhadana. If any of you are interested in knowing Amit’s net worth then this post is for you. Through this post, you can estimate the total assets of Amit Bhadana, the average income per day, the total income of the month, and the YouTube income of indebtedness, etc.

Let’s first know about Amit’s biography


Amit Bhadana is the famous Indian YouTuber and Facebook Viner. He started his career by dubbed the scenes and videos of the famous Indian film. His dubbed videos was becoming viral and they got a lot of positive feedback from the audience. At that time, he only uploads his videos to Facebook. Not every video was viral, but at that time a video was very popular, which was named Sunny Deol Paji Goes Desi on Diwali. This video receives more than 3 million views on Facebook.

But he was not satisfied with it because he wanted to make something big. In the beginning, he did not come in his video. But Amit friends suggested him make his own comedy videos. But he was not comfortable to show her face in the video. His friends inspire him and raise him self-confidence. After some time, he started making his comedy videos. He made videos in Hindi and harayanvi language. He received huge positive feedback from the audience. He continued to make his videos. Now, he has reached the stage of success. In February 2019, he was awarded the ‘Dada Saheb Phalke Award’.

Amit Bhadana’s Subscribers and followers, According to February 2019:-

According to February 2019, Amit Bhadana has 13,659,119 (13 million) subscribers on YouTube.  He has 6,383,320 (6 million) followers on facebook page. There are 2.2 million followers on his Instagram account. There are 73.7k followers on Amit’s Twitter account too. He is still A-grade Indian YouTuber, his video gets viral within a few hours of posting. Behan Bhai Ki School Life is the most popular video of Amit Bhadana, which is also on Facebook as well as on YouTube.

Amit Bhadana’s Net Worth:-

According to the Social Blade Index, Amit Bhadana is worth $ 160k to $ 2.6M and $ 13.4K – $ 214K estimated monthly earnings. And on average, she earns $ 500 to $ 7.1k per day. But this is not true, the social index calculates earnings based on US or UK CPM or CPC, so they show more than expected. We can not tell the actual earnings, but we can give you an overview. His actual earnings may be between $ 13k to $ 20k monthly income and $ 100k to $ 120k annual revenue. And on average Amit Bhadana is earning $ 400 to $ 700, which is Rs 28,000 to 49,000 Indian rupees per day with YouTube ads. We calculate this “Amit Bhadana Income” based on the current advertisement rate of current India.

He gives an advertisement between his videos through which he earns. he promotes apps And that is the second source of income. It is still a mystery that at present we can not predict the net worth of Amit Bhadana, because due to lack of sources and information we will update it as soon as we get the information available.

I have shared Amit bhadana’s net worth with you. How did you get this post? Please tell us by commenting and share the information related to this post with us.

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